Hand Car Wash

No Mobile Service:
You’ll have the pleasure of getting a sparkling, clean vehicle, which will retain its good looks as well as resale value.

Appointments and all drop off services are welcomed. Sometimes we are full, call to make appointment or prepare for drop off vehicle. All full details can be prepared for evening pick up.

We Are The Professionals!

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Sure, you could hand wash a car yourself, but it takes the better part of a day. Hand car washing requires a great deal of preparation and organization. There’s a great deal to do, and unless you own a large indoor garage, you will be at the mercy of the weather.

Spare yourself the labor and angst; let Leonard & Sons Hand Car Wash do the hand car washing for you.

First of all, the staff is experienced and well-skilled at doing this job. Secondly, as experienced professionals, they can work quickly and get far better results than most. They are not going to stop in the middle of the job to check their cellphones or stop before the job is complete. Hand car washing is their career, and they take great pride in their work.

Leonard & Sons Hand Car Wash does not run your car through heavy machinery. When going to a conventional, machine car wash, many drivers receive a slightly dented or scratched car at the end of the process. Since the business has protected itself from liability, there is nothing the driver can do.

Luckily, drivers in Winter Garden, Florida can avoid the problem by taking their car to Leonard & Sons for Hand Car Washing. Employees wash the car by hand—there are no giant rollers or buffers, but trained staff with hoses and detergent.

First, they wash the exterior—the surface, tires, trim and windows. Then, they will clean the interior. No machines and no denting. Just an excellent job by our staff. Dents will decrease the resale value of your car, but regular Hand Car Washing from Leonard & Sons Hand Car Wash keeps the car looking like new, and gives it a good resale value.

Our work is excellent, and we have a range of pricing plans for Hand Car Washing. So, why not save time and money by taking your car to Leonard & Sons? We have the staff and facilities to make your car sparkle and shine.

Preserve your family harmony by letting Leonard & Sons do the hand car washing.