Auto Detail

No Mobile Service:
You’ll have the pleasure of getting a sparkling, clean vehicle, which will retain its good looks as well as resale value.

Appointments and all drop off services are welcomed. Sometimes we are full, call to make appointment or prepare for drop off vehicle. All full details can be prepared for evening pick up.

We Detail It!

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Full Auto Detailing means we clean the interior and exterior of your car. This is the second stage, after you’ve gotten the hand car washing. Our staff cleans the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

As you use your car, it gets dirty. You might park under a tree where the local birds leave are sure to leave their marks. In the spring, trees drip sap. And no matter the season, bugs are going to get squashed on your windshield. It will eventually need to be cleaned.

Car interiors also take a beating. Beverages or food get spilled on the upholstery. People track dirt or sand into the carpet or seats. Dogs can leave drool marks on the interior windows. At some point, most vehicles are going to require Full Auto Detailing.

Our staff uses the latest equipment to clean the car’s exterior. After the hand wash, our staff will then clean the interior. Seats are washed, while carpets and mats get shampooed. The interior windows are washed, as well as the dashboard, and interior trim.

At Leonard & Sons Hand Car Wash, no detail escapes our staff’s attention. They have been trained to use the latest cleaning equipment on auto exteriors and interiors. You and your car receive complete attention and professional service from Leonard & Sons Hand Car Wash.

It is not enough to bring your car in for hand washing. You need Full Auto Detailing to bring out the beauty in your car.

It would be like a man or woman purchasing a new designer blazer, but only dry cleaning it—just throwing it on the back of a chair, or the floor. Cars, like clothing, need full attention. Blazers need to be hung up and pressed, while cars, every so often require Full Auto Detailing.