About Us

No Mobile Service:
You’ll have the pleasure of getting a sparkling, clean vehicle, which will retain its good looks as well as resale value.

Appointments and all drop off services are welcomed. Sometimes we are full, call to make appointment or prepare for drop off vehicle. All full details can be prepared for evening pick up.

We Have Years Of Experience!

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For the past 23 years, Leonard & Sons Hand Car Wash has been offering hand car washing and vehicle/boat detailing to Winter Garden, Florida. Rooted in the community, we take pride in offering clients outstanding service. While high-powered machines used in this industry may cater to speed, they have been known to potentially damage vehicles. Instead, our trained staff washes and polishes your motor vehicle by hand. It takes longer, but the exterior and interior will look like new.

Leonard & Sons Hand Car Wash does meticulous detail work on a wide range of vehicles. Not just cars, RVs or boats, but any motor vehicle. With our years of experience, we have the training and talent to make your vehicle shine.

In a high tech, fast-paced world, there are still some services that are only as good as the people who provide them. Our staff are experts at hand washing and detailing cars, boats or RVs. If you bring us anything with a motor, our staff cleans the exterior and interior until it looks like the latest model.

We give you professional, personal service. Bring your vehicle to Leonard & Sons Hand Car Wash.